Boracol 10_3Bd

Boracol 10_3Bd is a boron-based fungicide

And moldicide used for protection of wood against decay and mold attacks. Boron is a well-documented fungicide and insecticide.

Boracol 10_3Bd is used for preventive as well as remedial (curative) protection of wood and is also highly effective against molds.

Boracol 10_3Bd is a clear colorless solution of Boric acid and Disodium Tetraborate, dissolved in glycol. Boracol is practically odorless, and has a very low vapor pressure, approx. 1/10 of water at 20° C. – No fire hazard.

Boracol 10_3Bd spreads automatically through diffusion in moist wood with moisture content at fiber saturation (28-30%) or more. Surprisingly, it also spreads in wood, sap- as well as heartwood, with moisture content as low as 16% through a process not fully understood yet.

Boracol 10_3Bd can be applied by brushing and/ or injection.

Boracol 10_3Bd has been tested for efficacy as well as for toxicological and environmental effects at scientific institutions all over the world. Reports can be supplied. Please contact us on

Package size:

Boracol 10_3Bd comes in following sizes 5 and 20 liter.

Boracol 10_3Bd info

Safty data sheets

CLP classification – Danger


May damage fertility.
May damage the unborn child.


Causes skin irritation.
Causes serious eye irritation.
May damage fertility. May damage the unborn child.
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effect