Company profile

We manufacture Boracol 15, Boracol 10_3Bd

Our company was started in 1955 as Kai R Spangenbergs Eftf. I/S and was renamed KRS ApS in 2008. The company’s purpose was to protect wooden utility poles in the field against decay. Over the next twenty years we built up a substantial knowledge of wood preservation from our work in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The experience of protecting wood in ground contact was especially useful, as it is a very challenging part of wood preservation.

In 1975 we developed two new groups of products: Boracol and Impel boron rods. As these products were also suitable for effective protection of wood in buildings we expanded the purpose of the company to cover remedial treatment of wood in general and established a network of distributors in a number of countries.

We also developed the Pilodyn wood tester

In the 1970s we also developed the Pilodyn wood tester, originally to enable field personnel to detect softrot in utility poles. The Pilodyn is now also used for testing wood quality in general, e.g. by foresters and in the paper industry.

Today we produce Boracol 15, Boracol 10_3Bd. The products are allowed for use class 1 and 2 and only by professionals.

You are welcome to contact us at +45 7582 5033 for further information – or go to our contact page.